Can Trimax Use Cause Permanent Thyroid Damage?

  1. Can Trimax Use Cause Permanent Thyroid Damage?

    I've read through the Trimax thread several times, and while there is overwhelming evidence that the thyroid bounces back quickly after cessation of Trimax, the two last posts in the thread have me a bit concerned:

    A friend of mine used this product and it killed her thyroid. Apparently she had a family history of thyroid issues and wasn't aware of it. She went between hypo and hyper thyroid until her doctor finally killed her thyroid and began administering T3 to her. Make sure before you use this product that you have no history of thyroid problems in your family.
    Can someone comment on whether or not there is evidence that Trimax use can cause permanent thyroid damage to individuals with a genetic history of thyroid problems?


  2. define "evidence"?

    Considering the way this drug works, it's not out of the realm of possibility, but seems highly unlikely and would make sense that it could negatively affect users with existing, or family histories of, thyroid problems. From what I have read there have been very few actual cases of this documented

  3. I was a bit ambiguous in my phrasing. By "evidence" I meant that there are a fair amount of studies showing that the thyroid bounces back from Trimax usage rather quickly, and the consensus on this board seems to be just that.

    Now, regarding permanent damage, could you tell me a little bit more about what you've come across in this regard? Is there any pattern to the people who have suffered permanent damage from its use?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  4. I've never seen a document where T3 or it's metabolite Tiratricol (Tri-max) have caused permanent shutdown. Maybe the longest I've "heard" of was 5 months after "years" of abuse.

  5. I saw a study in which people misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism were given T3 for years. Upon the discovery that they didn't have the condition, they ceased treatment and thyroid levels were back at normal in a matter of weeks (2 was the average I believe). If you've got a thyroid condition I wouldn't mess with it, just like if you have heart problems don't mess with steroids/Ephedrine. Duh?



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