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    Whats the single best hair care product in your opinion? Will Sipro 2x a day help regrow hair? At CNW i see other stuff for pretty cheap. How do those work? I really want to stop my hair loss while I can. Thanks guys.

  2. To stop hair loss, use spiro. To create re-growth, use a 50/50 combo of 5% each Azelaic acid and minoxidil. Use the minox/AA solution in the morning and the spiro at night. I only use spiro when I'm shedding (like pre-ban when I was taking M5). I stopped shedding and have noticed that my hairline has crept back to where it used to be and my bald spot has disappeared. In fact, my G/F just commented about it after I cut my hair short yesterday

  3. i have heard that using menox one time requires u to keep using it throuhgout ur life. This is just a myth im guessing right? are the menox and AA solutions in gel form? and can they mix? Thanks

  4. you can mix the liquid AA and minox. I'm doing it right now. I heard that if you stop using the minox the hair you regrow with fall out if you stop the minox. my guess is that you are masking the problem with minox. when you stop, the problem is still there and will make your hair fall out again.

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