Taurine for Backpumps (SD or M1T) Works Great

  1. Taurine for Backpumps (SD or M1T) Works Great

    I recently bought a kilo of Taurine from Nutraplanet, and dosed it at ~5grams ED while on Superdrol. It nearly completely eliminates the 'tender back' feeling. Taurine beats Potassium by a long shot, but using both will probably help too.
    If you want to go 100% on deadlifts or squats (and even cardio), Taurine is a must during a Superdrol cycle.

    *It should also probably help accordingly with that other: more toxic, less expensive, HPTA slaughtering Methyl compound.

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  2. I find taurine to be extremely helpful for a lot of things... lower back pumps on just about any cycle, cramping with clen, I however think one should keep some potassium in the mix as it does tend to help with heart rate, fluid balance, even general health of the nerves i believe,


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