Nutrient partitioners

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  1. YEah, being lean was a must.....but I took it to an extreme.

  2. Prolangtum, did doing those 25 rep bodyweight squats really seem to help? I may give that a try, sounds interesting. BTW, what have you been up to lately, havent seen you around in a long time, good to see you again.

  3. To be honest, Im not sure. I was always lingering around 8-9%, which is hard to maintain year round. I was eating right at maintenance cals, I think it would be better to try when your bulking with a surplus of cals. Even then Im sure the difference will be minimal.
  4. resurrecting a bit old thread :)

    Quote Originally Posted by DR.D
    ... MTC and carnitine, etc..
    What is MTC?
    About carnitine, do u think that ALCAR is the best form of carnitine for this goal?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Syr
    What is MTC?
    About carnitine, do u think that ALCAR is the best form of carnitine for this goal?
    Alcar is marketed for it's mental effects, but will work fine for fat loss. Carnitine free base or salts will work on fat and are usually cheaper than Alcar, but doesn't have the brain benefits. So choose the form that suits your goals. MTC is medium chain triglycerides. Caprylic is one of my fav's. MTC's are not stored as fat and offer a good carb alternative for body fuel. They also prime fat burning processes that advance it's affect.

  6. Shouldn't that be MCT??

  7. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Shouldn't that be MCT??
    Leave me alone ! Momma said I was special but yeah, that's what I meant if my brain was working "properly" whatever that means


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