This cant be real can it??????

  1. This cant be real can it??????

    They are stating about taking all vitamins, supplements, and proteins
    and making them perscription only!****13904

  2. You never can tell with Uncle Sam.

  3. i would say the chance of it, is better than average... unless the FDA and drug Co. really really really slip up and a butt load of people die on a mass scale from one of their "wonder drugs"

  4. I would like to see what sldge has to say about this as he's very much involved in stopping this.

    He's also posted some good info on some ways that we can all prevent this from happening.

  5. Size, do you think this is a hoax?

    I ask because after everything we've had banned already (nor-eph, eph, PH's), there is certainy precendent. I've read that yohimbine may be next.

  6. Mainstream Supplement companies and retailers aren't going out like that. They have money to fight the FDA for years.
    Sad that it may come to that though.
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  7. Did any of you read the link size posted?. Geez!. Please read his link before you respond.


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