Please critique my Supplementation and diet

  1. Please critique my Supplementation and diet


    28 year old Male

    287 pounds

    20.6% bodyfat

    Doing Big beyond belief weight training 4 days per week. Cardio is 5-6 days per week. Sunday is only pure rest day. Currently unemployed so have lots of time to train. I am unsure but I believe calories are at about 2200.My diet is low carb with almost all my carbs being consumed around workouts. I recently dropped Cellmass and No-explode so I could focus entirely on Fat loss.

    Please critique and make any suggestions. I would especially like to hear from anyone at designer or Legal gear so they could tell me if I am dosing this right.

    I am posting this at BB and AM

    I am planning on running these supple for 8 weeks but will drop Transform after 6.

    My goal is to drop 25 pounds over this 8 week period


    25 Gram Whey Protein

    1 GXR

    2 Lean Extreme

    1 Vaspro

    2 Lipo 6


    35 Minutes Cardio

    9:00 am

    Metrx shake

    3 LG Tansform



    8 egg whites w/ 2 yolks

    1 bowl quaker Oatmeal


    1 serving Nuerostim

    1 GXR

    1 Lean Extreme

    1 Vaspro

    2 Lipo 6




    Post Workout shake (40 Protein, 40 Carbs)

    1 GXR


    Grilled Chicken Breast

    Yam or oats


    3 Legal Gear Transform


    Chicken Salad w/ Extra Chicken

    3 Egg whites



    8oz Steak




    3 Legal gear transform


    1 Lean Extreme

  2. First, I want to say I'm sorry you wasted money of LG Transform. Second, good cal on cutting out the cellmass and NO Xplode. Creatine will get in the way of dieting because it shifts calorie burning more into glycogen than fat. On to your diet.

    Take some carbs with your first meal unless you want to eat away all your muscle. Nothing powdered though. Have a banana. This also serves the purpose of keeping you from passing out. Taking GXR with no carbs is a very bad idea. It is even worse to take it with no carbs and then workout. Also, don't waste your eggs. Eat the yolk and the white. The fat in eggs is good and the yolk contains all the nutrients and is an excellent source of choline (fat emulsifier). Without the yolk, eggs are an incomplete protein. Eat a sweet potato instead of a yam, it is lower GI. Here are some points to remember:

    --Do not take GXR without at least some carbs
    --Make sure ALL of your carbs come from ahole sources, not powders
    --Eat the whole egg. Instead of 8 egg white/2yolks have 4 whole eggs.
    --You need definitely more green veggies and maybe some low sugar fruit
    --Sweet potato instead of yam
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  3. You could save alot of money if you bought most of those supps in bulk. The Lean Extreme and the Glucophase XR are wise purchases, but I'd just buy bulk ALCAR and green tea drop all that other stuff.

    Your diet does look pretty solid, but I'd experiment a little with your cardio if I were you. Instead of doing 35 minutes of regular cardio, try doing an hour of low intensity cardio (aka walking) and see if you get better results that way. Theres alot of recent threads on low intensity cardio, and it may be worth your time to do a search on it.

    One final thing I'd recommend instead of all those supps is maybe looking into getting trained by Bobo (once he starts taking new clients again). I've never heard anyone complain about a lack of results from him.

    Good luck and keep us updated on your results!

  4. I think you are severly underdosing GXR and LX, unless you are working your way up. For GXR, I take 2-3 caps at a time, and for LX I take 2-3 caps, upon waking and before bed.

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