I have read 5HTP increases cortisol. Its in David Tolsons article, heres the link.


I am also back on Kira brand St.Johns and was thinking about AMORYN since its the only st.johns wort product with 5% hyperforin. It also has 25 mg of 5htp in it though and thats not nearly the recommened dosage for 5htp. Thats 25 mg per capsule and you take 2 a day spread out. You can acutally take up to four, but I don't think I will need that much. Now in davids article it says 5htp in doses as little as 100mg have been shown to increase cortisol. So I do have somewhat of a dialema(sp.) on my hands. I am thinking they just added the 5htp to up the price of the product, but then again you get discounts for the more bottles you buy. You get one bottle for $29.95, three for $59.95 or six for $99.95. Each bottle will last you 1 month if you take the normal dose of 2 a day. If you take the max dose though you only have enough for 15 days. As you can see I have trouble making decisions, you should have seen me when I was a youngster picking out a candy bar. I had to get just one thing, and my mom had to wait at least a half hour for me. Sorry I just weigh out every decision I make with care!. Anyway what do you guys think?