I've seen it suggested several times, but havent found any posts with peoples' results. I'm on day 5 of this with 2 caps Trimax, 10 mg M1T, & some 4-HT. No bad sides so far, other than a cold that wont go away. I had the cold before I started, got over it, and it came back around day 2. I dont see a problem working threough that. Some slight night sweats starting also. I actually went up on squats on day 3. Feeling stronger in the gym most days. Seems to be a definite difference from my Trimax/Mdien cycle. My only "concern" is that I am up 3 lbs from day 1. I am guessing that is the water retention from the M1T. How did your cycles go? Hopefully you will tell me that you lost much water after coming off the cycle. Thanks!