Best brand carnitine tartrate?

  1. Best brand carnitine tartrate?

    Now Foods?


  2. The cheapest one with the Carnipure label. I have NOW Foods right now

  3. I second the NOW brand. Cheap, quality products.

    Piping Rock also has LCLT, but they're quality is questionable.

  4. NP has quality bulk, as well as AI sports...

  5. I like Now Foods, but it's expensive price!
    Gaspari instead has an affordable price.
    Gaspari is good? it seems so ...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    NP has quality bulk, as well as AI sports...
    AI Sports, carnipure?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bb333 View Post

    AI Sports, carnipure?
    I don't believe AI's is the licenced carnipure brand...though, me personally, wouldn't sweat it, AI is pretty trust worthy, imo..

  8. Is Carnipure that important?
    My Protein shake brings all the girls to the yard

  9. Quote Originally Posted by blacklac View Post
    Is Carnipure that important?

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    SNS/CEL Black Friday sales

  10. Eh, it's a brand. Just buy NOW and keep it simple. If you don't like the orange bottle, just deal with it.

  11. Primaforce was pretty good and cheap.


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