wtf? i'm taking taraxatone and i've stopped pissing.

  1. wtf? i'm taking taraxatone and i've stopped pissing.

    i'm at the tail end of carb-depletion, repletion phase where i did 3 days of really low carb, 3 gallons of water, and extra salt on my food + 1 can of chicken broth. yesterday and today i started carb loading taking rougly 50g of carbs every 2-3 hours, i also stopped adding adding salt to my food, and i'm drinking only to quench my thirst - probably around a gallon a day.

    anyway, i started taking taraxatone. 6 caps a day divided into morning and afternoon doses, and i'm not pissing as much as i should be. I pissed once today when i woke up. whats up? should i up my water? anyone know whats going on? I really think that i should be expelling more water than i am.

  2. your body prob. cant let anymore water go

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