One 1-t amount

  1. One 1-t amount

    Hey this is probably pretty stupid and/or i haven't looked hard enough...

    But how many grams of 1-t are there in the 8oz bottle of One?

  2. an 8oz One has 6g of 1-test. you should try both avant labs and homebrew/bdc's premix and see which one is best for you. the latter of course is cheaper.

  3. Yep I'm definately gonna go with bdc. The guys who run this company are such good guys and offering such a great service at at cost that is much lower than they really could be charging for it.

    6g is a lot less than I expected! Looks like the premixes are pretty hardcore then.

    I'm guessing there shouldnt be any problems in ordering a stronger mix and then just applying less of it each day?

  4. Thats true. You can get away with as low as 150mg/day of BDC's brew. The t-1 which has 10g 1-test could last you as long as 2 months no problem.... Glad to see your interest and good question. Talk to ya.
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  5. Ok now poses a few other questions...

    the DMSA (is that right? i just woke up...) means that absorption can be up to 3 times more effective. Does this mean that even at a 6g potentency, BDC 1-t will be 3 times more powerful than One or is that over exagerating study results?

    So we now have the issue of
    1) A solution that contains more grams of 1-t
    2) A solution that will be absorbed more effectively than One.

    This poses a dillema. How can we compare dosages/use accurate dosages? I am probably looking into this too far, but I just want to make sure I don't end up using a 1500mg a day dosage and have my balls drop off and hair fall out in 2minutes when I thought I was on 300mg a day.

    Is there a limit to how saturated the solution can be? For example, econimically speaking it would be a good idea to make the solution as potent as possible, say 18g of 1-t. Does this work in a real work situation? That way a bottle would last 3times as long as ONE, but of course there are many issues that arise from a sollution that is "too" strong. Have you guys looked into this?




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