T-bomb II

  1. T-bomb II

    I posted this over at BN forums as well, just wanna spread the knowledge around.

    I went in for a blood test wanting to find out what my profiles were like before doing my first PH cycle, well it turned out the lipid profile was really high due to a genetic predisposition to that problem. But also I had my test levels checked, and they were fairly low...since I couldn't do a ph cycle I figured I'd do T-Bomb II which I'd already bought in ignorance a little while back. I took it faithfully 6 pills a day split into 3 pills morning with breakfast, and 3 pills evening after dinner. I was on the 2nd to last day of the T-Bomb II bottle when I had another blood test to check my lipid profile from starting Sesathin, Garlic, and Red Yeast Rice to see if it helped enough to start a PH cycle.

    So without further ado...here are the 2 results, and you can be the judge of how you feel T-Bomb II worked for me...heck, and Sesathin, Garlic, and Red Yeast Rice.


    total chol = 265
    tri = 178
    HDL = 67
    VLDL = 36
    LDL = 162

    test serum = 385 ng/dL
    test % free&weekly bound = 25.4%
    test F&W bound = 97.8 ng/dL


    total chol = 219
    tri = 156
    HDL = 67
    VLDL = 31
    LDL = 121

    test serum = 331 ng/dL
    test % free&weekly bound = 30.6%
    test F&W bound = 101.3 ng/dL

    Estrogens total = 64 pg/mL

  2. doesn't look like it helped much...

  3. Am I reading this right that your test levels actually went down? Wow that T-Bomb II is a heck of a product

    And your lipid profile improved significantly right? So the sesathin/garlic/red yeast rice helped.

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