Lipids - a few questions about diet and supplementation

  1. Lipids - a few questions about diet and supplementation

    I have some interesting things going on. I've always been somewhat low in cholesterol and have always tried to boost this naturally and with healthy ratios.

    However, my lipid ratios are a bit skewed. I am trying to boost HDL while lowering LDL, but my triglycerides are already very low. Most supplements out there have things in them which lower total cholesterol and triglycerides. If I further lowered mine, it would be unhealthy.

    Are there any supplements I can take and things I can alter in my diet to mainly just focus on boosting HDL? I do not want anything that will lower total cholesterol. TIA

    All I can think of is EVOO and niacin. Not too sure about niacin though..

  2. Eggs in your diet and maybe extra vitamin D.

  3. Yep I eat lots of eggs and get 10,000 - 15,000iu of D3 per day.

    I'm going to start doing a shot of EVOO with each meal, and try to just cook with EVOO and coconut oil. Still not sure about taking Niacin. I read mixed things about it raising HDL.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by johnnyp View Post
    Thanks man, just as I've been thinking. Niacin's not worth it



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