X-Factor Advanced Initial Impressions

  1. X-Factor Advanced Initial Impressions

    So I'm on day 6 of my X-Factor Advanced run. I've been dosing it 4 caps pre workout and haven't really noticed the pump or increased muscle fullness everyone seems to enjoy. Yesterday was my "off" day but I still did HIIT cardio on the elliptical, anyways yesterday I dosed 4 caps spread out throughout the day with meals, with this dosing I noticed a little more muscle fullness throughout the day. Should I take this as a sign and start dosing it with meals everyday or just wait it out until I reach saturation? I know I've read a few people say they prefer 2 pre and 2 post but have also read most people report the pumps and fullness to increase the further into the run they are.. What do you guys think? Anyone else consistently dose it with meals?

  2. In most people's opinions, 4 caps of XFA pre-workout is most optimal (alongside GMS and a Carnitine salt). Check the below link for more useful information:

    The Arachidonic Acid Help Guide

  3. I just started the second bottle in my run. I personally didn't start feeling massive pumps and muscle fullness until about week 3and the crazy DOMS hit about week 4.

  4. Only 6 days in, you're not going to notice much. Keep dosing pre-workout IMO.
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  5. You're still VERY early on in your cycle. Most users do not notice much until around day 15. This isnt a supplement with dramatic immediate results, the benefits are cumulative and come from continued dosing.
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  6. Thanks for all the replies guys. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious sign. Thanks again


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