Anything to take to concentrate better? haha

  1. Anything to take to concentrate better? haha

    Just wondering if there is anything
    to help me concentrate on this fookin
    school work ,lol

    my mind carries away to easily, the slightest noise and
    ill sit there for 20 minutes scratchin my balls and dozin off


    do i have a disease? hahaha

  2. there's a few studies that say creatine improves memory. that may help.

  3. you can also try alcar with green tea extract, it has been helping me in college.
    I am the same way, I will be doing hw and then i just end up saying "oh wait i have to look at this online...." then half an hour later i remember I have HW!
    I don't know too much about adderall, but I heard that it suppresses your appetite so you may lose some weight (considering this is a bodybuilding site i think you might be interested in this).
    Let me know what you do!

  4. yea i might try that alcar with green tea extract

    probably just go see the Doc. and ask him whats up lol
    see if he can prescribe me something, cuz I gotta
    get my grades up or Ill be stuck in community college for another year
    I sit there, look at my book, and start thinking about working out or about what
    bad ass game is on t.v. hahaha then the whole day will pass i wont get nothing
    accomplished at all cuz ill go from one thing to another and it wont be homework

    thanks for the help bro's

  5. You need to get more disciplined.
    Any type of stimulant ala green tea, caffiene, or ritalin etc. will help with concentration. If you do go with caffiene or any type of stim, make sure if you use it to study to take it before a test. The brain works in mysterious ways, it will file away the things you learn while studying with the aid of a stim, and the key to unlocking it later is to introduce the same stim again before you test.


  6. I have ADD and i've been able to ween myself of Adderall using Neurostim to help me study.


  7. Agreed on Neurostim+C.


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