for increased focus and pumps......

  1. for increased focus and pumps......

    rate from best to worst...

    1. Citruline Malate

    2. Di-arginine Malate

    3. Arginine AKG

    thanks guys...

  2. They're the three best IMO.

    Been using Diarg malate with CEE the last 3 wo's. Lovin it. Pumps are not quite as good as AAKG but they're good. Strength and endurance are both increasing on this. Had to stop myself during the wo as it felt like I could keep going and going.

    CM is also really nice but didn't give much in the way of pumps. Endurance on this stuff is amazing. Gives a nice energy boost throughout the day.

    If I had the cash I buy a kilo of each and mix with a kilo of CEE.

    There's a nice article about NO supps in 1Fast's The Bull this month. It points out the dangers of increased NO on lipid peroxidation. Be sure to take some good anti oxidants when using these supps. I recommend adding rosemary extract into your current antiox stack as it has been shown effective in halting lipid peroxidation.

  3. no one else has any comments on these substances?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    no one else has any comments on these substances?
    I take this twice a day:
    Creatine Ethyl Ester HCI - 2g
    Di-Arginine Malate - 2g
    Arginine AKG - 2g
    Citrulline Malate - 3g

    Done so for a week and have not noticed anything at all.

    It tastes like ****.

  5. alcar does more than any of those for focus, for me, obviously everybody's different though

  6. I don't see how any of those will increase FOCUS.

    For increased focus and pumps I'd go with:

    Creatine mono

    If you wanted to spend some money I guess you could add some CM. But the ingredients I listed are usually very cheap.

    Okay, to answer your question, I'd add ALCAR to the DiArgMalate. Still not worth the money in my opinion. Better to just go with plain creatine.
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  7. Better off spending that money on extra food and protein from the looks of it.


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