Deacetylase inhibitors, follistatin, and myostatin

  1. Question Deacetylase inhibitors, follistatin, and myostatin

    Check this study out on myostatin and follistatin (especially those pictures of mice, ****!):

    Now, looking into follistatin I found out about Deacetylase inhibitors and their various benefits. Besides increasing concentrations of follistatin, deacetylase inhibitors have numerous other heathful effects, mostly in regard to cancer. Does anybody know more about these DACs such as their possible use in muscle growth and/or their natural availability (as far as I know they’re either synthetic or cloned from human samples)?

  2. There might be a thread on this over at fairly sure there was a lengthy one, but I could be wrong.

  3. Holy crap. That follistatin mouse would be analogous to a 500 pound human.

    I'll miss the feeling of being on but I won't miss the acne. lol

  4. Avant is actually where I found out about this. It was in the advanced discussion forum on like the 17th page.

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