Adenergy after PCT

  1. Adenergy after PCT

    I did a 6 week cycle of 1-T/4-AD and I'm on my fourth and last week of pct today (nolva, trib, product X dermasize).

    I know using a thermo too close to PCT can hurt the amount of gains you keep, but adenergy isn't really noted as a strong fat burner....more so as an energy booster. Do you think It would be safe to use or should I wait a while? I've had the bottle laying around for a while and I'm off creatine right now so would like to try something new.

    Thanks alot guys

  2. As long as your keeping your caloric intake high, Adenergy will help to maintain your gains. I would stack it with creatine, but if you're trying to take some time off creatine, you may want to throw in some other supps such as HMB (an anti-catabolic that helps maintain muscle mass, though I should note many studies note that it is more effective when taken with creatine), AAKG, or citrulline malate.

  3. thanks, thats something to think about. I'm taking Product X dermasize right now as well as all the basics (protein, multi, c, e, fish oil, flax oil, msm)

  4. anyone else have an opinion on this?

  5. you can use adenergy during pct it wont affect your recovery to normal T levels



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