thermogenic usage and the thyroid

  1. thermogenic usage and the thyroid

    If one were to go on thermogenics for a prolonged period of time, would it cause the thyroid to slow down and lower your Body temperature? I find that now when I take ephedrine, my body temp only rises to 98.6 and otherwise it is around 97. I am curious as to whether or not this could cause hypothyroidism.

  2. You dont specify how long you've been on the ephedrine, but I can tell you from personal experience that after being on (at least one ECA a day) for over a year, going even one day without caused a SERIOUS crash. To the point of zero energy. Bloodwork from my doctor indicated low enough thyroid levels to justify prescribing me a T4 med and recommending I hop off the ECA.

    Its been around two and a half months since that diagnosis and my energy has returned to normal.. honestly, it was likely more due to the long term ephedrine use than it was the thyroid meds.

    My advice, cycle ECA 4-weeks on, 2-weeks off. Any longer term use and you are asking for messed up energy levels.

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    why not take a thermo thats anabolic and support thyroid function? read the cAMPHIBOLIC series.


  4. I just started cAMPHIBOLIC beleive it or not, and I don't feel anything yet.. I am on day #6. I don't know why though... I have stopped ephedrine and everything else, but my body temp reads only 97 still (while on cAMP)
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    give it some time since you been in a suppressed state for awhil. Start with 6 capsules a day.



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