Is it possible to be "immune" to UA/SU

  1. Is it possible to be "immune" to UA/SU

    Okay I know immune isnt the right word but its close enough to whats happening. I've been up as high as 1.2g of UA and SU (different cycles) and I've felt no heat and no fat-loss. Now due to the unique ability of carbs to put fat on me at an alarming rate :-) I tend to cut using 80%protein, 20% fat. I've read related posts saying carbs were needed to see results and others saying fat-loss was the same without them. Any ideas from the board as to whats going on?

    Looks like I might have to diet for 12 weeks...if only I wasnt so damn impatient.

  2. All I remember from my cycle is that I felt more heat when I was refeeding. It worked fine for me though.

  3. UA/SU works by increasing the amount of fatty acid oxidation in your body. In essence, a 40-30-30 diet would work better in my opinion because the body would not need to work on as much ingested fat before hitting stored fat. The amount of heat is related to the amount of carbohydrate ingestion. A keto diet diet is not optimizing the effects of an uncoupler. For an 80% protein, 20% fat diet, I need to refresh my memory on the extent that gluconeogenesis occurs and its effects with an uncoupler. What is your weight and daily caloric intake?


  4. One cannot become immune to UA or DNP. Its odd you ask this, I just read a little study on it.

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