Bulking Supp's - Need Some Pointers

  1. Bulking Supp's - Need Some Pointers

    Hey bros

    I have these products
    and these products ONLY
    I need some help creating a nice
    daily stack for bulking

    Thanks abunch

    Instone Forenza-T
    Amino Burst 3000 from GNC
    Triflex Joint Support
    Multi Vitamin
    Flax Seed Oil
    L-Carnitine from GNC
    Whey Protein
    Waterix - take away water weight I think lol
    Fish Oil

    Or I have a 200 capsule bottle of Pump-Tech lol but im skeptikal on
    using this lol

    I was thinking this:
    Instone Forenza T
    Creatine mixed with Protein shake
    Amino Acid 3000
    Fish Oil
    Flax Seed Oil

    ^ is that too many pills in one day HAHA

    thanks tons!!

  2. I wouldn't bother with the waterix if you're bulking, the last thing you want when bulking is to remove the water weight from your body. Creatine along with a diuretic product is pretty self-defeating to say the least. Other than that I don't see any problems with your stack, I've taken much more than your stack at times. As long as you can keep track of what to dose at what times, you should be fine.

  3. awesome, thanks a bunch!

  4. The pump-tech is actually good stuff, use it about an hour before each WO for nice energy/endurance.

    I got a free sample of it and damn if it didn't work quite well... kind of pissed me off since I hate cell-tech.

  5. I would drop the l-carnitine

  6. why would you drop that?


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