1. HEMO-15

    Ok...it raises red and white blood cells, and is supposed to clean out your liver as well. Its for "vet" purposes only, but i was wondering if all this is bs and this stuff really works .... anyone try it, and if so what kind of results were obtained.

  2. If memory serves me right this is the seccond post you've made "inquireing about this stuff after I locked the first thread when another poster came in and offered to supply an addy if anyone was intrested in this stuff. You're treading dangerous ground here pal. Just remember... Lean one is watching you.

  3. im not looking for a place to buy or anything... i would just like some feedback if anyone used it... (to everyone else) Just info would be nice
  4. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Never heard of this product, is it a GH type of product or is it a type of gear?

  5. Hemo-15 is an injectable multivitamin for horses. My wife rides a lot and has used it in the past[on the horse]. It's been around a long time.

  6. so would it help a runner much?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by superman69901
    so would it help a runner much?
    Yeah, if you're thinking of running at Belmont or Churchill Downs. =)

    Seriously, any inj. water soluble multi is a good thing, provided it's safe for humans[which Hemo-15 should be]


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