Finally a cut..

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  1. Finally a cut..

    That`s right the fat middle aged whiteman is gonna cut..
    I ordered cAMPHOBOLIC and Sesamin from NP and it got here today.
    So Sun. it starts...

    I would post pics but one of the rugrats broke the digicam and hid it..
    not a priority to get a new one just yet....

    Lets just say I am FAT.. 6` 260.5 a week ago BFP= FAT However that is down from
    285 in July( EDIT: May) and a 44" waist to a 38" waist not bad for an old guy I must say

    There will be no PH`s just the above mentioned and a high rep WO along with HIIT
    on the bike....

    Diet is clean.. Typical

    Breakfast: 4oz of OJ waiting by the bed
    1 1/2 cup of Oatmeal w/ 8oz Skim and 1 scoop of WPC

    sNACK: Apple or Orange

    Lunch: Tuna or Chicken breast on Rye Bread w/ mustard

    Dinner: What ever the wife makes with lotsa of steamed veggies

    I will add in MPI in skim 2x as snack for this... and cut the PWO carbs in half to 37 grams

    If this doesn`t get me 8-10 lbs of fat in the next 35 days I will be getting BOBOized
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by EEmain

    Breakfast: WATER by the bed
    1 1/2 cup of Oatmeal w/ 8oz Skim and 1 scoop of WPC

    sNACK: Apple or Orange

    Lunch: Tuna or Chicken breast on Rye Bread w/ mustard

    Dinner: What ever the wife makes with lotsa of steamed veggies

    I will add in MPI in Water or FF milk 2x as snack for this... and cut the PWO carbs in half to 37 grams

    If this doesn`t get me 8-10 lbs of fat in the next 35 days I will be getting BOBOized
    Just my thoughts on how to cut mor calories and sugars. After your snack you are planing on doing the MRP and then after Lunch as well?

  3. Yea to go to 5 meals I plan on MPI in skim milk between meals...

    Always used the OJ to jump start after sleeping... quick carbs and the WPC to refuel.. may try WPI before bed instead and skip the OJ

    Also plan on cycling my calories day to day... and drinking even more water, about a gallon a day up from 64oz or so...

    I will be stopping NO-Xplode and probably will drop 7 or 8 pounds just from water.. creatine always adds
    about a gallon of water weight to me... All this is new to me when I lifted in my 20`s and early 30`s all we cared about was WO 3X a week and increasing weights at every WO.

  4. Instead of doing a Whey and nite... can you afford a Casien? And I always like to do WPI in water right when I wake up to rush aminos after 8hr sleep and then an hour later when I get to work I do the steel cut oats and a scoop of whey mixed in with a banana and diced strawberries.

    Have heard mixed reviews on the N0-Xplod. Does it work for you? And if you drop 7-8lbs that makes sense being a gallon of water is 8.34lbs :-)

    Best of luck mate

    - Jonesie

  5. I should have said MPI not WPI... 80% CASIEN 20% WHEY if I remember correctly.

    I respond to all Creatine with strength increases and water weight... only Monohydrate gives me some serious gas.. Dude NO-Xplode and citrilline malate combined ROCKS.. The pumps are outstanding for me..

  6. Beginning weight= 258 one day removed from creatine. I will start cAMP tomorrow morning and Sesathin on Monday(?)

    also because of the amount of cAMP I have it will be 42 days not 35..

  7. 4.5 hrs after first dose of cAMP and I am zooming.. feel warm with a touch of sweat on my brow all the time
    First impressions are very good, no jitters. Just a very wide awake feeling. No hunger at all.. Had a bowl of Kashii for breakfast at 7am
    and a MPI shake at 10am.. Will take another dose at 1pm and then WO at 2pm..

  8. Day 2: Dosed both cAMPH and Sesathin 2x already. Can`t say I was warm today
    because work is outside but still have that wide awake feeling. Not hungry, however my meal timing got screwed up due to work.

    6:30am 2-cAMPH 1 serving Sesathin
    7:00am 1 bowl of Kashi w/ 8oz skim and 1 scoop WPC
    10:00am MPI Shake
    12:00pm 2-cAMPH 1 Sesathin
    2:45 pm small serving of Turkey meatloaf and large serving of steamed broccoli
    Need to due cardio before eating again.. but not really hungry

    Workout yesterday:

    5x10 60lbs DBbenches
    5x10 75lbs overhead squats
    5x10 125lbs Lat Pulls
    5x10 150 BB shrugs

    Made it through with some difficulty on the last sets of each exercise. Sore as hell today...
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  9. Here is your first look at the pasty white guy

  10. Day 3: Still feel wide awake when dosing at 6:30 noticed it began to wear off at about
    11:00am.. Also noticed I am sweating from my underarms more than usual..

    6:30am cAMPH and Sesathin
    7:00am 2 scoops of MPI w/ 8oz skim
    10:00am 1 scoop MPI w/ 4oz skim
    12:00am cAMPH and Sesathin
    1:00pm Turkey and steamed Broc
    4:00pm 1 scoop MPI w/4oz skim

    Did HIIT program on my Exercycle(14 min yesterday-15 today) MAN THIS IS HARD WORK... Didn`t realize just how hard it could be. I always did 30min of slow aerobics and was aiming for 20 min but had to stop due to light headedness...

    All is good.. now tomorrow I can eat something
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  11. Don't forget to post up your weight! Get a tape measure too and take some measurements if you can. Good job on the photos too... take them each week, same light, same distance.

  12. More of the same Wide awake feeling slightly warm, nothing new. Except I planned to eat more today but just don`t feel like it.
    Had to force down my second tuna sandwich on Rye this afternoon.

    6:30am cAMPH-Sesathin
    7:00am 3 boiled egg whites, 1 cup of Oatmeal, 1 orange, 1 scoop WPC
    10:00am Tuna on Rye w/ lettuce, tomato and onion,8oz skim 1 scoop WPC olive oil not mayo on tuna
    12:00pm cAMPH-Sesathin
    1:00pm Tuna 8oz skim
    3:00pm apple

    Will do same WO as above shortly.

    Thanks Jonesers, I plan on weighing myself 1x a week only. Never thought about taking measurements, so far the mirror has told me
    all I need to know. Will keep up with the pics, but may need to break down and buy another digicam instead of borrowing.

  13. Same protocol as before. Only new thing is that I seemed to tweak my quad where it inserts at the hip.. didn`t feel anything after WO yesterday but during my walk to work it started to bother me..will give it sometime and see. Got my cardio up to 18min today I have decided to due this:

    Day 1: Lift Day 2-3: HIIT Day 4: Lift Day 5-6: HIIT Day 7: Lift
    Also go to 3x cAMPH on lifting days

  14. Took cAMPH and Sesathin 3x yesterday and will do the same today instead of just lifting days. Diet is still tight.. I ate cottage cheese yesterday and this stuff is horrible Guess it takes some getting used too... Will weigh tomorrow morning and update. Cardio is up to 20min. Iam beginning to see viens in my forearms for the first time in many years.. Also I am pisssing like every hour, must be the 1 gallon of aqua. Will lift today but probably not do OH squats, leg still bothers me some.

  15. Weight: 245lbs

    I am not going to get excited about this... How much is water , I do hold water like a sponge.
    Also this is not some controlled clinical trial.. Last time I weighed it was at night. This time in the morning with an empty bladder.
    And it is a different scale but tested accurate. So this is my new baseline.

    As was said above I never cared about measurements. Looking in the mirror and knowing that I had gone from a size 44 pants to a 38 was enough.
    All of these measurements are cold and relaxed.

    Forearm: 13"
    Bicep: 15.5
    Chest: 45"
    Waist: 40"(guess size 38 isn`t really 38")
    Highest point of belly: 43 "
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  16. I jumped on the scale just now after working out and it was 249lbs.

    Taking cAMPH and Sesathin at 6:30am-11:30am-4:30pm this will remain the same
    for the duration. Not sure how long seeing as I just got another bottle of both from NP. Along with
    CNW`s creatine can`t wait to try this. My workout was awesome, lifted with only 1 son today. His brother is off playing football in the snow somewhere.
    Because of this the timing between sets was way down. Finished in about 30 minutes. I have had to modify my WO due to my leg.
    Just ran a push WO today.

    D.B. Benches 1x10 45lbs 2x10 60lbs
    Close grip 1x10 155lbs 2x8 185lbs
    D.B. Flyes 3x10 45lbs

    OH Tcep EXT. 3X10 50LBS last set to failure
    Pushdowns 1x10 65lbs 2x8 85

    D.B. Mili 1 1/4 1x10 35 2x10 45

    Forearm bar 3x10 35lbs

    Felt as if there was more to do but was way pumped to go on.. All day I have felt great.. When I take the cAMPH before WO the sweat just pours off me..
    Particularly yesterday during my 20 min hill program on the bike

  17. Another great WO today. Did A pull WO. Including stiff-leg deads.
    For the last two days I have been on fire, as in really warm. Even though I work in a Rail Yard
    and it hasn`t been above 40*. Eating more calories this because of the WO`s.

    supps I take everyday:

    Adam Multi 1 2x
    Alcar 2(00) 3X forget how much I got into each capsule
    Flax 6gms 2-1GM GELCAPS 3x
    Olive Oil 2TBSP
    Vit C 2gms 500mg 4x chewable
    ProLiver 1 3x

  18. Screw that high volume Man I feel good now!

    Hammered chest first:

    1x10 165
    1x8 205
    1x6 245
    1x4 275 NPR

    Close Grip
    1x8 185
    1xF 135
    1XF 115

    D.B. Flyes
    1x8 40
    1x8 45
    1x6 50 Think I could go higher but not comfortable with DB

    Followed with Tcep Pushes and Ext. Then DB milis and Laterals.
    Closed with Forearm work.

    This may not seem like much to some but my chest is ready to explode and my arms are shaking.

    Had a Tuna Diablo for lunch(Tuna, Olive Oil, Pepper Cheese, Roasted Peppers, Red Pepper Spice,LTO)
    for the uninitiated that is a South Philly Style Hoagie(Primo`s).. Felt good to Pigout and still keep it clean

    FWIW keeping PWO carbs at 74 grams.

  19. Leg day! Sore as hell from yesterday but did legs anyhow.

    1x10 155
    1x8 205
    1x6 235

    Leg Ex
    1x10 75
    1x8 100
    1x6 125

    1x10 145
    1x8 175
    1x6 200

    Leg curl
    1x10 50
    1x8 75
    1x6 85

    Probably will never be able to go heavy on legs due to DJD and nerve damage in my Lumbar Spine.

  20. Weight: 243lbs

    Waist: 40"
    Belly: 42 3/4

  21. Still eating clean and doing a Push-Leg-Pull-Rest WO with HIIT everyday but leg..

    Did notice the fat on my belly feels very stringy.. Only way I can describe it.
    Now if these stooopid luv handles would disappear...

    And I am now on the last notch on my work belt

  22. Weight: 244

    Waist: 40
    Abdomen: 42 1/2

  23. Good for you..keep it up

  24. Thanks WG... Glad to see you didn`t leave also.

  25. Weight:245

    Abdomen: 41 3/4 WTF!!!!!!

    I double even triple checked this and it is correct.. 3/4" in a week.. while gaining a pound!!!!

    One more week to go in the first bottle of cAMPH.. Not sure what will come next(dieing to jump into some SD!)

    I can say this.. very happy with this run of supps and diet.. I have been able to push harder and more weight than I can remember ever doing... learned so much about how deit effects how you feel, how your workouts go and just how my body works as far as diet goes..


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