Milk Thistle dose?

  1. Milk Thistle dose?

    Hey guys. I've been searching for few days here and there and I can't for the life of me find a specific dose. I bought the powder from CNW and was wonderin if the dose is low enough to cap in "0" caps, or just how much I need to weigh out with my scale everytime. Thanks a lot.

  2. 1g is a good dose.

  3. 1g a day? Can it be taken just once a day? The less times I need to taste this stuff the better. Thanks for the help

  4. I cap mine using 00 caps and take 2 caps a day, if you got 0 caps you'll need 3-4 caps. I used to take it twice a day but now only once a day, because of convenience.

  5. Alright sounds good man. Thanks for the help.

  6. That sh*t is just nasty tasting, ughh.

  7. 750-1000mg/day unless you're pounding your liver with supps.

  8. Yea its definitely not the best tasting powder. Im already downing CEE twice a day as if Im taking a shot so avoiding tasting this stuff would be great. I'll prob just cap and pop a bunch of caps a day. Thanks guys.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by freEQnasty
    Yea its definitely not the best tasting powder. I
    Uhm... strange. The one i got from a local laboratory was not bad tasting at all.
    I dissolved about 1g in a glass of milk at night and it was pleasant...

  10. Yea its not as bad as the CEE and I bet milk would cover the taste decently also.

  11. I stuff a 00 cap with half Silymarin and half of Beyond-a-century's liver formula. That gives me about 400 mg of silymarin per cap, plus the pther stuff. Two or three a day will be fine.

  12. Alright. Good idea too. Thanks


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