Q on Glucosamine?

  1. Q on Glucosamine?

    Would this help in Knee pain?? I need surgery on my right knee but i have put it off for 3 years, the pain goes away for months then as soon as i hurt a bit it flares up and starts to hurt..
    The reason i've put it off for so long is cos ive had 2 operations on my left knee and its still not 100%..
    A sports doctor in England told me to strengthen my calves and hammie's and i have been, but the other day whilst doing squats i went a bit to heavy and went down to low and heard it click a bit.. I know the pain will go away in a few days but just want to know if Glucosamine is a good idea or not..
    By the way with my squats if my ass isnt almost touching the ground whilst im doing them, then it feels like ive done nothing, and its my favourite excersie..

  2. Couldn't hurt. I pick up some Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate at the dollar store for $5. You could probably find some with MSM and that would start working immediately. You have to take it for over a month to start seeing the effects.
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  3. so i get the glucosamine plus some MSM???

  4. This is what I usually get Joint Boost
    but you could probably find something cheaper. You could also pick up some DMSO and rub it into your knee and that would also help. MSM is a by product of DMSO.
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  5. Dont care about the cost, just as long as its good. Who makes this Joint boost??

  6. TKE

    I took it for awhile after I came off a ph cycle because my shoulder was hurting and it helped it, but only after taking it for a few weeks.
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  7. Ok cool i'm gonna give it a try.. I would love to buy some Tribulus of you, its the best stuff... Problem is i cant use it , it makes me break out in acne all over my back..

  8. Yeah does that to me to, guess that lets me know its working
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  9. My dog takes glucosamine/chondroitin and swears by the sh*t. This is not a joke.

  10. all i have heard from Tribulus is that it gives you boners. it raises test levels "supposedly" too. have you guys seen anything besides boners and pimples on the back from this? hehe

  11. oh and yea. the glucosamine will help but depending on what type of problem you have in the knee. if its a bending problem or if its just that it gets locked, it all depends what the problem is.

  12. Originally posted by Conceptions
    all i have heard from Tribulus is that it gives you boners. it raises test levels "supposedly" too. have you guys seen anything besides boners and pimples on the back from this? hehe
    I take Fuzu simply for the appetite stimulation, which it does help with. As far as increasing testosterone, its hard to say. I read a study where it stimulates LH and increases test and estradiol, but I'm not sure how much value the study or if that would make any difference it it increase the estradiol, or if it did it at all. I'm going to continue to take it none the less.
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