Fiber Powder? Help!

  1. Fiber Powder? Help!

    i found this a while ago in my fridge, parents had to buy it. anyway i was curious what it was....Here is everything the front says:

    Brand of Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucillo(cant get last few letters, they got scratched off by me by accident)
    A natural bulk producing dietary fiber which promotes normal elimination.

    Compare to active ingredient of Metamucil
    56 teaspoon doses
    NET WT 14 OZ
    (397 GRAMS)

    From what i think it is, i think it helps with excretion? But since i have seen people talk about fiber powders, i'm not sure what it can also be used for or what it is used for.

  2. same thing as metamucil or other natural laxative types, all basically based on psyllium husk, as it's a cheap insoluble fiber... greases them wheels up, gets you ****tin in a hurry... good for meeting daily insol fiber req's if your diet is spotty

  3. If you have trouble taking a ****, then you need some fiber powder

  4. oh, i thought this helped with other things :\

  5. yeh... it makes your **** bigger and helps you get chicks... that's pretty much it though

  6. In addition to helping you keep "regular" fiber has two other benefits that I can think of: (1) helps speed metabolism, and (2) gives you a feeling of fullness which prevents overeating. I eat a bowl of Fiber One every morning to ensure I'm getting enough.

  7. actually psyllium husks contain a very high percentage of soluble fiber, and make a decent addition to many meals as a thickening agent which also helps slow gastric emptying.


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