I started my clen cycle need some ques ans

  1. I started my clen cycle need some ques ans

    I am 7 days into my clen cycle and it looks like this 20mcg 40 mcg 60 mcg 80 mcg 100mcg and then it will be 100 mcg for 5 days then 80mcg 60mcg so on and so fourth. I have IBE nutrition lab clen and the only side effects i got are high temp and i got a fever. No shakiness. IS this clen legit. Antoher question is my friend wants to if you can only workout and not really diet for the clen to work. i said no but im guessing. I dropepd 5 pounds so far.

  2. i have IBE clen as well. I've gone up as high as 200mcg and the sides were pretty mild even at that dose. I'm thinking it might be underdosed, but its the only clen i've ever tried, so i have nothing to reference it with.

  3. how much weight u drop?

  4. It will vary person to person. I know of people who can drink the **** and have no sides. I also know people who get the shakes from 20mcg and sweat like a fat **** eating a hot burrito in a sauna. If your temp is rising (and you don't have the flu), chances are you are getting the benefits. After all, you lost five pounds already. IBE has been pretty reputable from what I've seen of their product reviews so I'm sure it's legit.

  5. IBE is legit. As others stated, people are really variable in their responses to Clen. I've never gone over 120 mcg but many can go over 200 and still not get jittery. Feeling hot and having a faster than normal pulse rate are the two sides that tell you its working. Boosting the dose beyond that is unnecessary and the jitters are a pain in the ass with no real benefit.

    You can drop a few pounds with no changes to diet but that too is really variable. A little light cardio on clen goes a long way.

  6. This is my first cycle of it so im new to it. I think my next cycle will be going up to 120mcg. I am on a pretty strict diet and run 2 miles and sprints of cardio a day with weights. I am used to the inc in body temp so i dont notice it as much. My next cycle i plan on having a strict diet medium carb high protien low fat. I should have another cycel in the ibe bottle so ill give it a shot. Should i make any changes or no? Also what is the best way on this to increase fat loss. I am giving a 1 week break after this cycle then starting again.

  7. Ibe clen is legit

  8. Quote Originally Posted by theamazing3000
    Ibe clen is legit
    i believe its legit, i definetly felt it working, but i was suggesting that my batch may have been underdosed because 200mcg clen was milder on me than 50mg Ephedrine.

  9. Did you shake th ehell out of it??
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    Did you shake th ehell out of it??
    every time i take it.

    i'm also thinking its underdosed because the taste is highly tolerable, unlike their tomaxifen liquid which is awful-tasting.

  11. nolva equals liquid butt, can not disguise it
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  12. if you are unhappy with their products then you could try liquachem, i have ordered from them and they beat anyones price!

  13. You can't tell by the taste. I don't know what raw clen taste like, but it's apparently easy to cover up with simple flavoring. I think mine is cinnamon. Anyway, individual response to clen is WIDELY variable. You guys just might be very tolerant of it. If you don't feel your getting the full effects, just keep inching up the dose until the sides are more than you would like & then back off 10-20mcg. I've never used IBE, but everything I've read here and elsewhere is good. It's probably legit full-strength stuff and you just tolerate clen well. Sounds like it's doing the job, right?


  14. Your diet and overall training sound fine. You should get pretty lean running clen cycles every two weeks.
  15. Talking

    I'm on day 2 of my first clen cycle using IBE as well and today in class while I was trying to take notes I noticed my hands shaking a little and I'm only up to 40 mcgs
  16. Cool

    I usually cant go above 80-100mcg's cause then I lterally cannot write. So that just goes to show everyone is different. I have a friend who cycles clean a few times a year and he is 20 pounds lighter than me and usually can dose up to 200mcg's, so who knows. But jittery or not if your Temp is up and your pulse rate is increased its doing its job and you barely notice cause of your individual tolerance.


  17. Today, I've taken 160 mcg of the stuff. When taking Clen at doses of 20-60 mcg, my hands shake. After that, I experience no sides. The good side is that its still burning fat off of me at a rate that I didn't know was possible without taking something like DNP or T3. Down to 213 (from 230 a month ago) and loving every second of it. I'd say Clen has been a major source of my fat loss.

    I'm taking Phoenix Labs Clenbuterol by the way. I take it they're not around anymore? I also got IBE Clenbuterol/Ketotifen as a free gift from them so I got plenty of the stuff.

  18. I sort of want to feel the shakiness............

  19. Has anyone tried to contact IBE via e-mail? They have easily the worst customer service I have ever spoken to via e-mail. It takes >week to get a response that has mispellings and looks like it took 5 seconds to write. Am I just spoiled by the supurb customer service offered by board sponsors or are they as bad as I perceive them?

  20. IBE screwed up twice on my order but gave me a free item of my choice and on the second error, sent it overnight. I didn't get a receipt e-mail from them and even though they were generous in giving me free stuff and overnight shipping, there were still problems. I suppose thats why its great to get ancillaries and chemicals a couple of weeks in advance before doing the cycle itself. I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future.

    I sort of want to feel the shakiness............
    Then I suppose take it at 20 to 60 mcg. There still is shaking in my hand at 160 mcg but its very small. My handwriting is unchanged. When its shaking, its tough to write and is annoying to write in general. So if you are in school, get used to taking shaky notes, then translating them later. Thats what I had to do sometimes when it got too bad. I'll probably go to 180 mcg tomorrow and then 200 mcg the next day then slowly pyramid down by 20 mcg each day. I'll report how that goes.

  21. WEll i finished it today not very happy with the results. I am takign a week off then going back on it starting at 60 mcg and working up 10 140 mcg while on Ons 100% whey protein pro complex. I am going to tighten my diet lift and jump rope.........I need to drop pounds for my lax . Also i am jittery like my legs shake on the floor like u hear a good beat is it possible for that instead of shakiness in hands or no?


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