Creatine and NO2

  1. Creatine and NO2

    I used to use both of these suppliments a few years back and then I got more into ph's. Now with ban I would like to revisite both products. I know that much advancment has been made since creatine mono and the first NO2 came out. I have been reading about CEE, and some of the new N02 products and I am wondering, who makes the best CEE and NO2 now? I have hear alot about NOexplode, is this the best N02 product? Just so you know, I am not into making my own NO2, I don't wanna buy everything in bulk. Also, I dont mind putting on water weight, I would actually prefer a CEE that induced water retention (if such a CEE product exsists). Thanks guys

  2. man to be honest the cheapest brand would probably be best seeing as how no2 is all the same compound. some products might have added supplements with them but the aakg is still the same.

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    Bump to what Blame said. You can get an No2 product at shoprite or even walmart for cheap! You can also get NitroCharge. I haven't heard any feedback on AE2 so I may or may not try that!

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