home-capping cee powder.. need some help :)

  1. home-capping cee powder.. need some help :)

    Hello there everyone, I bought some bulk CEE (creatine ethyl ester) powder, and I just can NOT drink this stuff when mixed into ANY kind of drink. It tastes absolutely HORRIBLE and makes me PUKE! So, seeing as I bought ALOT of the stuff (1,000 grams) I really don't want to just throw it away. I figure that if I just "cap" it, I should be ok with it, because I won't be able to taste it when taking caps of the stuff.

    So, can anyone link me to a guide that explains how I would go about capping my own? What do I need to buy? I'm looking for ease of use here! If there's no written guide, if you could just tell me how to do it here, that'd be great. Also a place to buy all that I need would be appreciated too


  2. A '00' size Cap M Quick, available at any health food store, or 1fast400.com. Bag of '00' caps. A capsule tamper is much preferred to pack more powder into each cap. It's easy but tedious, and instructions are on the Cap M Quick box.

  3. This site has a short video and products. Hope it helps


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