My tribulus is a funny color?

  1. My tribulus is a funny color?

    I just got some bulk tribulus powder recently and it isnt a dark brown like most I have seen it is a light brown almost kakhi color. Did I get ripped off?

  2. I would venture to say no, the last tribulus i used was a lighter brown. Higher power brand
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  3. The bulk trib powder I got from !fast, is very dark brown...

  4. I've already got some light brown tribulus also.

  5. i got some light brown from BN and some very dark from trueprotein
    the true protein is 90% while the BN is only 60% might have something to do with it.

  6. i don't think you got ripped dude, same thing happend to me, i take it in cap form and the color varies from brand. 3-4g ed will do you some good

  7. the 45% standardized trib from BAC is a light kakhi-green color. Works fine.


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