Bulk B6 Powder

  1. Bulk B6 Powder

    What's a good place to get bulk b6 powder at?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by fightercowboy
    What's a good place to get bulk b6 powder at?
    I've been looking for bulk B6 too, but couldn't find it. However, I did find a B powder:

  3. smi2le.biz sells Pyridoxamine DiHydrochloride (also B6) but i don't know where to get Pyridoxine.


  4. BAC lists pyridoxine HCl powder in their catalog, FWIW.

  5. BAC?

  6. BAC is

    If you're not familiar with them I would suggest searching the forums for people's comments, since they tend to get mixed reviews around here. I have used them for a while and continue to do so, but they are definitely one of the more discount-y places, and every now and then people report having poor or questionable experiences with some of their products. For instance I stay away from their creatine, since the one kilo I did get had a very unusual smell to it. I also thought I read something here where people were suspicious of BAC's forskolin extract, which is something I've been wondering about myself.

  7. I've always had positive experiences with BAC's quality. I did recieve a bottle of R-ALA that had polymerized but then I do live in AZ so it's hardly their fault it is hot here. I've got a cabinet full of their stuff with few to no complaints.

    It takes around 2 weeks to get an order from them to AZ which is a pain.

    I usually compare prices between them and 1Fast but also some of the board sponsors are carrying more and more supps so they're always worth a look.


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