AAKG dosing?

  1. AAKG dosing?

    Figured I would give AAKG a go w/ my CEE. I purchased the NOW foods brand tabs, they are 3.5g/3tabs. Suggested use is 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving pre workout. Is this the ideal way to dose, or should I spread them out further like 1 tab every couple of hours?? Does it even matter?


  2. When I take AAKG by itself, I use a minimum of 5gms. Pumps are insane!

  3. Take it as directed. AAKG increases no production witch also stimulates insulin secretion. So taking it pre WO will prime you to replenish glycogen PWO. This is where the true value of theese no stimulators lies. Insulin is also a vaso diolator witch plays a role in the pumps.

  4. Ok, today was my first day on this stuff and the pumps are pretty crazy. I am getting back on CEE tomorrow too (was off for a week).

    Only weird thing was my lifts were great on their first sets but on the following sets they weren't so good. I did incline db's after bench, last week I got 70x12, then 10, then went down to 60's to get 10 again. Tonight I got 70x13, but only 8 on the second set... it was like that all night. It was more apparant on bi's because they were much more pumped than my chest.

    Hopefully This will pass and I will be back to normal soon.

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