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  1. GF Pro

    I decided to treat myself and picked up a tub of GF Pro Green Apple..
    Damn this stuff is delicious.. I had Green Apple from Perfect before and it sucked.
    This(2 scoops) in skim and malto tastes grrrrrrrreat.. To expensive for everyday
    but definetly for PWO

  2. I bought the GF-PRO Rasberry Lemonade about a month and a half ago and just finished it. I would not order that flavor again.

    Not wanting to judge this product on one flavor, I just picked up the Orange Cream about a week ago and started using it this past weekend. They hit a home run with this flavor, tastes like an Orange Julius with just water, add a little milk and it tastes even better.

    Although, I think adding milk to this product would slow down the absorption rate, therefore defeating the purpose of it. I think P.A. said something along these lines on a while back.

  3. I definately want to give the green apple flavor a try. I have really been enjoying the cherry flavor.

    Next up, apple!

  4. I also grabbed the Cherry.. hope it tastes as good as the Apple!

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