Props to V12 Turbo.

  1. Props to V12 Turbo.

    I've been on PCT for about a week and a half now. Been using one scoop of V12 Turbo ED along with my regular multi, C, nolva, and the like and have actually increased my strength at todays' workout. I've used just about every other cocktail mix out there in the past...regualr v12, swole, etc, etc..and also CEE, etc. but this has worked the best for me bar none.

    I'm very happy with my purchase even if it's a bit pricey.

  2. I actually mix V-12 Turbo with a scoop of CEE pre-workout and it has been the biggest breakthrough for me in lifting yet. Big plus: it also hides the taste very well if thats a problem for you

  3. I might have to try that. I have about 500 grams of CEE left over from trying it out before with crappy results. thanks for the tip.

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