PH & Chloesterol question

  1. PH & Chloesterol question

    Ok.....I just had a checkup last Wednesday and had some bloodwork done. My Cholesterol came back at 184(normally about 125) HDL was 38(normal is 40-59) and LDL was 120(normal 0-99). I have been off 1-test and 4/ad for seven weeks. How long do PH's affect your cholesterol??? I just started a super one+ cycle with Boldione. And how big a risk do PH's pose to heart diesease?

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    Heart Risk, Chol/HD ratio = 4.84

    You have probably already heard this - so I am probably repeating the obvious. You are now at an average risk for heart disease down from a below average risk for heart disease. Your numbers look good after an adequate off period. I have read that Increasing your fiber intake, getting plenty of fruits and vegetables like onions for example. Taking the right supplements like gugulipid (to increase HDL), taking fish oil - or eating cold water ocean fish to get the Omega 3's and getting plenty of aerobic exercise like bicycle riding a few hours a week will improve your cardiac risk profile. Another thing that will help is to reduce your percent body fat. The very act of doing all of these simultaneously will acomplish these goals and making you look more fit. I needed the Karma points - thats why I posted.

  3. Wow, good first post. I've always wanted to get blood work done, just for ****s and giggles. I'd love to see what I got floating around.

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