What do they mean by "crash" period?

  1. What do they mean by "crash" period?

    I've read that some may experience a "crash" period after taking Clenbuterol. This "crash" period may be lessened by taking ephedrine afterward(which I don't have). What is meant by this "crash" period?

  2. You know, you could just continue that original thread instead of having all these threads.

    You should taper down Clenbuterol. Why risk any adverse effects?

  3. crash meaning it feels like a mac truck hit you, im guessin feels similar to mono, intense lethargy

  4. I don't know about lethargy, but A headache only 800mg of caffiene can tackle is not uncommon for me.
  5. JINKK
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    hit hard

    arghhh its like you dont want to move, talk to anyone or do anything-

    sort of like overdosing on anything leaves you in the same way-

    its just an uncomfortable feeling you cant shake or break- just ride out

  6. have you ever had a big test to study for and you pounded coffee and red bulls all night, then once the test is over you just feel weak and tired because the caffeine has warn off? Thats a crash.


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