Low Doses of Trimax for T3 PCT?

  1. Low Doses of Trimax for T3 PCT?

    Most of the substances recommended for T3 PCT (e.g., Bladderwrack, Coleus Forskolin, 7-Keto, etc. . . ) have the effect of upregulating natural thyroid production. So why can't low doses of Trimax be used for the same reason? Any thoughts on this?

  2. I wouldn't think it is a good idea - Trimax seems to be more thyroid suppressive than T3, so I definitely wouldn't try to follow up a T3 cycle with it. Even at 2mg, it is pretty suppressive from what I've seen (and felt, but I don't have blood work to back my theory up).

    BTW, should T3 discussion belong in the supplements section? I wouldn't think so...

  3. Scrap is right. You'd just be replacing something that's somewhat supressive with something that's more supressive. Not a good idea.

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