Trimax Thyroid Shutdown

  1. Trimax Thyroid Shutdown

    I started my trimax and winstrol cycle 9 days ago and from the start it was doomed. I got very sick 2 days in and have been bearly able to eat each day...As of right now I am down to 10 pounds and I am sure most is muscle....I My bench was down 35 pounds late late week and its down 55 today....Def stopping this right away but my question is can I stop or do I have to wind it down I have been taking 6 mg a day since the third day. Is my thyroid shutdown after 9 days?

  2. Yes your thyroid is shutdown after 9 days. About tapering down, I don't see a reason for it in the first place. IMO just stop taking it. Get some tyrosine/7OH/gugglesterones for "PCT".

  3. I think you ramped it up to fast. Trimax is serious ****, you need to ramp up slowly. I'm on a 3 weeker right now, week one is one cap, then 2 caps for weeks 2 and 3. Lucky for you thyroids have shown to bounce back rather quickly from this. Up your cals a bit to to get your thyroid active again.

  4. Let's hypothetically assume you went to a doctor right after you completed a Trimax cycle and would the tests show that you have either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism? While on I would guess hyper and right after a cycle I would think hypo until your thyroid rebounds.

  5. You have to take thyroid hormones for months and months to really get "shutdown" The thyroid is a very stupid gland, you should ramp down 5,4,3,2,1 and be done with no signifigant suppression by the last day. You may want to stick with the stanazol though.

  6. The thyroid rebounds quite fast so I wouldn't worry too much.
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