Wal Mart NO2

  1. Wal Mart NO2

    I saw this today. I forgot to write down the ingredients, but it looks very similar to all the other ones out there. It said to take 3 in the morning, & then 3 again in the afternoon, preferably with a meal. I know the NO that I tried before said to do it on an empty stomach. Anybody else ever try the Wallyworld brand?


  2. 3 grams of Arginine alpha keto gluterate...thats it ! I saw it Saturday myself.

  3. Ya, I saw that there tonight, Body Fortress brand. Had to get some whey of this brand as I ran out sooner than I thought I would. Looks ok though. Something like $28 for 180 tabs. Might try it while Im on PCT if I cant find it anywhere for less.

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