3 Days w/ Long-Distance Girlfriend: Herbal stack or Cialis?

  1. Talking 3 Days w/ Long-Distance Girlfriend: Herbal stack or Cialis?

    I'm going to be seeing my girl for the first time in a long while, and I was curious what the general concensus was.

    Option 1:

    Stack of tribulus premium extract, maca, horny goat weed, and avena from Beyond-A-Century.

    Option 2:


    I'm looking for longevity, endurance, maximum impact (err, hardness), and satisfaction. Remember, it's been a long time. Too long.

    I kind of like the fact that the herbals are relatively side free, though I'm not convinced they are going to be as effective. I'd really like to avoid nasal congestion if possible. She's up in Canada, so it's going to be as cold as butt munch with very little to do. Should be great.

    Basically, I'm just curious what you all have to say about the effectiveness of an herbal stack in relation to Cialis.

  2. I would go with both personally. The herbal stack with increase libido and intensity. The Cialis will give you wood whether you feel like it or not.


  3. MDHT sent my libido through the roof. It also made sex feel better. Nothing I've ever tried even compares. ****, if its only three days, you could do high doses of that starting a day or two before she arrives. The libido effect kicked in the day I started taking it.

  4. hahahah great post dude

  5. option 1 + levitra

  6. save your money. If you are 26 like your profile says, and you havent seen your girl in a long time, dont worry about it. Youll be ready the whole time! Also, as far as the cialis, levitra,viagra options. DUDE your 26. if you need that then you should be getting it from a dr. READ the package inserts for those drugs. If you take that stuff you should not be on ephedra, ketonozale(SPELLING?) etc. They have serious drug interaction warnings. Im not trying to be a douchebag. Go online and look for the package inserts before taking anything prescription.


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