Starting a new stack

  1. Starting a new stack

    So after many months off cycled supplements (I have basically just used pre workout and then staples like protein, multi, fish oil and creatine), I finally have a stack on the way. I will be running ArA with GMS, LCLT and Enhanced. As for diet I will be following the leangains IF 16/8 protocol as it fits with my work schedule much better than anything else. Just want some confirmation on dosing and any suggestions on possible improvements (likely won't be adding anything else as I don't really want to have a "kitchen sink" stack). Timing as follows:

    11:45 am Wake up: 1g ArA, 6g GMS, 2g LCLT, 1 scoop enhanced and 1 serving Xtend
    12:15 pm Gym
    2:00 pm 1st meal breaking the fast
    5:30 pm 2nd meal
    9:30 pm Last meal before the fast
    10pm-2pm Fasting

    A couple additional questions. Will I experience any adverse effects with running this in a fasted state? And if I start fasting at 10pm but don't go to sleep until approx 3:30 am (5 hours of fasting before sleep) will it hinder my results?

    Thanks alot for any insight, AM is a great community.

  2. No issues taking all that fasted, I'd say that fasted (or a decent time after a meal) should be beneficial for the ArA usage.

    Honestly other than the worry that you might explode from the insane pumps, I don't think there are any issues with your combo.
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  3. Thanks! From everything I have read, this combo will certainly have quite the effect on pumps at the gym. Fortunately half of my routine is in the lower reps high weight, so I should only be exploding 3/5 days
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    Used almost the same setup during my ARA run, youre in for some great workouts and results.
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