Bobo - Question on Pre & During WO Supplementation

  1. Bobo - Question on Pre & During WO Supplementation

    Bobo posted his formula for pre & during WO supplements on the Avant Superdrol log. I'm going to give it a shot, but had some questions for him that I PMed, only to find out PMs are disabled.

    Bobo - not sure if you mind posting the full formula, so I'll just ask the few questions I had w/o revealing it all, unless you say it is ok.

    Anyway, what does of CEE is taken per day? 4 g?

    Are regular BCAA's ok? Or is there something in Vendetta that would make it immensely better? Reason being, the regular BCAA's are much cheaper than Vendetta.

    Does the pre-WO cocktail timing change w/ a pre-WO dextrose/whey shake? I was planning on taking 30 g of each 15 mins. before like you had recommended in your "pre-WO better than post" thread, but am not sure if the timing of the pre-WO supplements changes because of that.


  2. 1. I use 6g/day

    2. I like it because it uses free form aminos along with a small amount of fructose.

    3. No.
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  3. Where do you buy vendetta?

  4. Thanks Bobo.

    I saw Vendetta at Nutraplanet for $25, not sure where he buys it.

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