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  1. Adding to what pharmitect said regarding melatonin, I think it's crucial for sleep to cooperate with any substance taken and give yourself the proper environment for sleep! If you exepct something to "knock you out", you are going to have to look to stronger drugs and Rx sleep aids, usually.

    I have taken kava kava, valerian, melatonin, and ZMA before in different situations. What I have found to be effective is to take ZMA and melatonin anywhere from 15-45 minutes before bed and make sure your sleeping environment is calming and comfortable for you. Do NOT take melatonin and/or ZMA hours before bed, then be active for awhile and expect it to have the desired effect, it may not.

  2. Your friend's sleep problems sound just like mine. Without any supps, I've had many nights where I hit the sack at 10-11pm, & never fell asleep the whole night. She'll probably need a little more than the 3mg recommended dose of melatonin. I use 9mg melatonin & 1g of GABA 30min before bed.

    I keep sleeping pills on-hand just in case I get one of those nights where I otherwise wouldn't fall asleep at all.

  3. I'd try herbal stuff first, like valerian root and chamomile. Melatonin certainly should work, but I too found that it can make you groggy the next day. That's just not acceptable to me. Of course if you're up all night, you're gonna be groggy too! I think these things are good to use when offsetting sides of other things (stims, PH/PS's, etc.) but I don't want to get in the habit of needing something to sleep. Proper rest should come naturally as much as possible for full benefit. I see alot of people getting hooked on something that kinda "knocks you out", then they can't sleep without it. Especially things like NyQuil and Benadryl, which are definitely things you don't want to have to pop before bed every night for the rest of your life. Good conversation, though, 'cause alot of us have to deal with this.


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