homemade weight gainers

  1. homemade weight gainers

    i was readin through some of the recipes and i was wondering if anyone has every made their own weight gainer powders and if so what you used? And one more, as most people who make their own weight gainer drinks, they usually make them when they need them, but has anybody just made a **** load of them and just shake em up and drink when you want? im a goin on a road trip to cali. in a couple weeks.
    anyfeed back and ideas would be most appriciated.

  2. Well if you make them with milk, I dont think they'll make it too far on a road trip. I doubt anyone here actually makes their own powder. A lot of people here make their own shakes.

  3. yeah thats what i figured, is there even a way to make a powder like that?
    How long do you think a shake would last after put in the fridge or cooler?
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    I sometimes mix up some protein; 100g with some carbs, maybe 20g dextrose, 20g maltodextrin, and a 20g of normal sugar (in milk)to take to work with me. It usually tastes odd after its been sittin there for a few hours...even after shaking it up as best as I can. You can always buy premade shakes from ABB, EAS, or someone. About $2-$3 a piece though.

  5. yeah but thats to expensive!

  6. hemotep
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    This is a longshot, but the walmarts close to where I live were discontinuing the EAS Advantage shakes which are usually $4 for 4. Theyve got about 15g protein and 20g carbs (I think)...anyway, they were $0.90 for 4 so i got the last 19 they had. You may wanna check there if theres a wally world around.

  7. sweet, thanks bro

  8. anything in milk after a few hours without cooling smells disgusting! i smelled my gatorade bottle that had my protein shake in it.. i left it in my bookbag in school after i was done consuming it. when i got home i took it out and smelled the bottle.... oh my, the smell made me nausus(is that how u spell it? hehe)

  9. This one does not have to be mixed with liquid until you're ready, provided that you keep it cool and sealed up in a container that shields out light:


  10. Here is what you need: Whey powder.......skim milk powder...
    fiber (phsyllium husk) powder, I use the orange flavor.....and some zip-lok snack bags. I use 1 scoop whey....1/3 cup skim milk powder.....1 tbs fiber....put all this in a snack pack (make several) and presto an instant meals with about 28-30 gr protein....milk powder and fiber for slower absorbtion and make you feel full.
    Just have some water and a shaker handy and you're ready to roll. Good luck.


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