So many supplements, so many suppliers

  1. So many supplements, so many suppliers

    I'm awe struck when I go to read the lists of supplements off websites like Beyond a Century. "Improves brain function, improves test production, improvs this improves that." It's like I want all those ****ing benefits in a one-a-day pill. I don't know where to begin.

    I've been really interested in the anarchy stack which evolved from my interest in acetyl-l-carnitine which evolved from my interested in l-carnitine which evolved from my interest in b-12. I've got a lot of questions and am wonder if there are any websites that just list references, provide statistics, research and recommendations. I'd like to know the effectiveness of sublingual b-12 in comparison to injections. I'd like to know anarchy stack vs. ECA vs NYC etc. I'd like to know who here has had some REAL significant and noticeable changes when starting a new supplement.

    Sorry if this is a little abstract. I'd also like to hear your opinions on suppliers. Custom blends vs. do it yourself etc. Thanks for any bit of input. I'll be reading the whole forum for hours on end most likely trying to get a grasp on the seemingly infinite world of vitamins, aminos, minerals and herbs.

  2. I'm guessing from your post that you're newbie. Yes, there is a lot out there in the way of supplements. My advice is to take things slowly. You should first get the basics down. First and foremost, your diet is paramount. You'll be wasting your money on supplements if you have a lousy diet. So research diet first.

    Once you have a good understanding of diet, you can consider supplements, but again start with the basics. To me this would mean a quality multi-vitamin and essential fatty acids (flax seed oil, fish oil capsules, borage oil capsules), and protein powder (you can get enough protein from food but many find getting some protein from powder to be a convenient way to up protein intake).

    After this, you can look into the more exotic supplements. However, be careful. There is a lot of snake oil out there.

  3. sublingual b-12 works well but it isn't anywere near as strong as IM. I have take 5mg does in both maner and I'm telling you IM B-12 is like jet fuel if you have been feeling a little off. It also made me ravenously hungry.

    If I had to hazard a guess I'd say that sublingual is 15% as effective as IM.

  4. ECY, NYC > Anarchy stack

    Any of the board sponsors and 1fast are great suppliers.

    GuyinLA is right, a lot of snake oil in the supplement industry.

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