Mucho Urination CEE

  1. Mucho Urination CEE

    anyone pee more whilst on CEE.. not really sure why this is happening ... buuuut it is

  2. Yes it's a common side effect, and has been discussed in another thread.


  3. DAMNIT! i hate being that guy who doesn't see the "other thread!"

  4. CM makes me piss more then CEE does. When on CM and drinking a gallon a day I made at least 12-14 bathroom breaks per day.

  5. got a question for you guys. I respond very well to creatine monohydrate. been using alri cee for a month 4-5 g per day taken in 2 doses one before lifting and one at night and i dont feel much excpet while working out. Felt/looked/gained bigger with cmono. Anyone else notice this?

  6. Cool

    cant really answer you, but i didn't want to think i was ignoring.. though I have taken CEE in the past, i was not taking enough i find... i have only been on CEE for the past...2 days and i will be honest i noticed a "feeling" of fullness or some may say "pump" on the first day at 4 grams.. taken right after my work out with some good old VP2. It is interesting to say the least.. more so with the "good vibes" my brain feels as well.... though I am also taking HEAT stack.. which puts me in a nice... "hey buddy" mood to begin with, CEE makes me one step closer to total hippy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    Yes it's a common side effect, and has been discussed in another thread.
    can someone summerize the other post. why does this occur, i would except fewer bathroom trips considering it causes water retention in the muscles.

  8. yes please


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