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    Can anyone give me any feedback or comments on whether this company has a good reputation? I would just like to know before I consider ordering from them. Thanks.

  2. there are some threads on this do a search.

  3. He seems to be hit and miss. But, I have heard that he does fix whatever goes wrong and makes good on lots of things, so I guess that is what really matters, even if it takes a long time.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    He seems to be hit and miss. But, I have heard that he does fix whatever goes wrong and makes good on lots of things, so I guess that is what really matters, even if it takes a long time.
    That is a polite way to put it. There are a number of very frustrated customers out there. His communication is very poor, not responding to email, etc. You never know when you will get your product. If you are going to order, phone in the order and tell him you will give him your credit card number once the order is in a box ready to go out that day.

  5. Strat, how do post links from avant?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI

    Here is some feedback from bros at Avant
    Link doesn't work

  7. I ordered some Milk Thistle powder from him. Great price, but it took right around two weeks to get it. If you are going to place an order do what strateg0s said, call him and make sure he has it ready to go before you buy.

  8. I ordered some NAC, Milk Thistle and R-ALA powders from him 2-3 months ago. I got the Nac and milk thistle about a week after I ordered it. I called to see what the problem was and he said they were out and he would send K-Rala instead if it was ok. Finally 2 months later I recieve my R-ala. I already bought r-ala 2 weeks ago figuring I would never get it. Not worth it to me no matter how good the prices are.

  9. definitely a hit with me. received the order in 2 days.

  10. If I was asked about Smi2le three months ago, I would have said their products are apparently good quality and the service fast but now, with all the negative reports coming in at Avant, I'm taking a "wait and see what develops" approach, I'll order from places like Fast and BAC in the meantime.

    As a sidenote, with PH $ gone next week, I'm hoping Fast will expand their noot and speciality supplement line to compensate soon.

    As a additional sidenote, I highly recommend BAC's Huperzine/Vinpocetine combination powder, it's become my favorite
    noot these days, along with a gram or so of ALCAR.

  11. Rogue, someone else should have these as well soon ...that is if the FDA ever released my friggin stuff.

    And I was being "polite" in what I said. I thought if I came right out and said his customer service sucks, it might be seen as merely a jab from a fellow competitor. BTW, can someone please PM his number...I could not find it on the site, and no response to numerous emails.

  12. Awright, I'll say it. Dude ain't no CNW! (gotcha, Matt!) Seriously, is just as weird as that name would suggest. Sketchy, unpredictable delivery of goods, crazy selection of stuff from nootropics to PH/PS powders to herbs and vitamins, warehouse raids, a website that's like a maze... But I will say, I am a semi-regular customer. Some of his bulk prices are very good, some are nothing special. Has some stuff you can't find everywhere. And his name is Rizzer...I kinda like that too. Kind of a crap shoot, all in all. Memo to US Customs: give Matt his freakin nootropics!!!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    BTW, can someone please PM his number...
    Here's what was posted over at Avant, just days ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by Number 5,Jan 10 2005, 11:57 AM
    His numbers are:

    877-311-4442 and

    Try both and if he doesn't answer then leave a message with your number and a call back request. I've called 3 times and have always got through right away, but I've read that others have had problems contacting him.

    Before you order make sure he has the stuff you want in stock and ready to ship.
    I've neither called him nor ordered from him myself though, so proceed with caution.

    Link to thread: smi2le has oxiracetam!

  14. Thanks, SJ.

    On a side note, did you happen to catch the email I sent you about the product trial? If not, no big deal.

  15. I had to contact my credit card company after he did not respond to my emails (5 months).

    Here are some threads:

    Another SMI2LE.BIZ horror story @ is a health hazard! @

    The newest insanity from! @ Avant

    Two thumbs up for SMI2LE @ Avant

    Here is a fresh quote for you:

    On oktober 4th 2004 I ordered a total of $399.97 of supplements.
    Everything except the 60 grams of algeabrium chloride (also known as ALT-711), worth $200, was delivered. Mike Rizzer promised it would be delivered 1-2 weeks later.
    But until now I have received nothing. He totally ignored me. He did not respond to my E-mails. I already tried to reach him by phone, which isn't cheap in my situation, since I live in West Europe, but always get the answering machine. I already left a message. But still nothing. So I don't even have a clue what is going on.
    In 6 months time I ordered more than $1000 of supplements from I never had any problems, except from some empty gel caps that were needed to be shipped later. And now, out of the blue, this treatment.... completely ignored. Can you imagine how a good customer like me feels like?
    Unfortunately I paid using Paypal, because that is how Smi2le preferred it. I probably can't get my money back via Paypal.
    I will try a few times more calling him on the phone. I hope if I can speak to Mike, things would be solved. But there is also a good chance that when he sees it is a long distance call, he deliberately leave the phone ringing.

    When people find pubic hairs in their products from, I would think twice before ordering!

    Yes, it's true. It's in the ' is health hazard!' thread.

  16. Has anyone not from overseas failed to eventually get their stuff from this guy?

    Just curious, as that seems to be the problem in the cases I've read about so far.

    It was speculated somewhere that these huge overseas orders placed with smi2le got nabbed by customs and thats where all the trouble started.

    This issue was compounded by rizzer not returning emails almost religiously.

    That being said I just opted to order from 1fast and BAC ( I would have like to order from CNW of course.... that stuff is still hung up?) to be on the safe side until more positive reviews pop up.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    On a side note, did you happen to catch the email I sent you about the product trial? If not, no big deal.
    Yeah, from last week right? I e-mail'ed you back on Tuesday this week (sorry for the delay). Did you not get my reply?

  18. i'd like to add to my earlier post which some one quoted that it's probably best to pay with paypal if you want faster service - rizzer has apparently complained about some of his credit card accounts being frozen, but that does not seem to apply to paypal.

    also, really make sure to call him before the order and double check that he has the stuff you want and is ready to ship it.

    stick to ordering bulk powders. people have complained about his capping service.

    international orders are riskier than domestic ones because people have complained that he doesn't know how to label packages so that they have the greatest chance of making it through customs.

    in general, i think most of the complaints can be traced to a raid that happened at his place about 3 months ago (though apparently they found nothing illegal, but it threw a wrench into the works, they confiscated his computer and a bunch of stuff). he should have dealt with it better, but he didn't because he's not that organized and that's when things started going wrong. i still believe he's trying to run a decent business, but you get what you pay for. i'm guessing he has a small basement lab and basically runs a 1 man operation there. the hair was probably facial hair, not pubic hair. it's clearly not in his nature to be professional.

    on the positive side, he often throws in extra product when problems arise (such as for late shipments) and he's pretty flexible. for example, i ordered 2 things from him around the time that he was raided. i knew i wouldn't get them right away, especially because one of them was out of stock. after a month i hadn't received either, so i called and he said he had further problems getting one of them (sulbutiamine), and the other he said he'd ship, but 2 weeks later i still hadn't got it so i called and he said he had forgotten, but this time he sent it right away and threw in an extra 60g of phenibut.

    he also had oxiracetam in stock, but i didn't want to send him more money when he still hadn't sent me my previous order, so he agreed to send me the product first, and i could send him the paypal payment after i got it. i did too, but somehow i think he wouldn't have noticed or remembered if i hadn't. so that's the type of guy he is. well intentioned imo, but he still has a lot to learn about running a business.


    edit: before the raid i got all my orders from him in a timely manner, and after the raid i've put in 3 small orders and those have also arrived in a timely manner, though i'm still waiting for that sulbutiamine which i ordered around the time he was raided.

  19. Here is a quote from a thread @ Imminst

    For what it is worth, I have confirmed the story Rizzer gave about being raided by law enforcement agents. Agents were there and did remove some possessions. The official word from these agents is that people should steer clear of him and his products not because they are illegal specifically, but because they were coming from an unregulated building which was not meeting basic sanitation procedures for such a manufacturing laboratory. This does not mean that the products from overseas were necessary in question (they didn't have a need to investigate that far), but that the reseller (Rizzer) was not particularly professional in his methodology.

    I am not stating this to in anyway slam Rizzer -- the information is just for information's sake. I do recognize that it is possible people will never have issues with his products, regardless of the perspective law enforcement agencies might have on his operations. Nevertheless, two different people I spoke with said time and money would be better spent with a more reputable and professional supplier.

    Just some more information to weigh in on such decisions. Yes, he is vindicated in his assertion that he had some raid-style interactions with the DEA. Yes, his credibility is still in question based upon information provided regarding the safety of his operation. Take it for what you will.



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