hey YJ

  1. hey YJ

    are you familair with cyto gain or nlarge2. i am thinking of throwing it in with my upcoming cycle. what do you think

  2. I would tell you to grab some pro-rated whey and some dextrose, it's cheaper.

  3. I am familiar with both. Im not a fan of weight gainers. I am, but Im not. I wouldnt ever purchase one from an online store or whatever, dont get me wrong gainers are great for getting those calories you need and what not, be careful of the sugar content in them. The majority are low in fat, but make up the fat calories in the form of simple sugar carbohydrates. If anything, save your money and make your own weight gainer/meal replacement shake. Along with that, wardog has provided us with an excellent recipe for bulking protein bars, here are the recipes for each:

    Wardog's Protein Bars

    My Homebrew Gainer Shake

    Both of those will get the job done, and cost you much less. Best of luck.

  4. uh huh. havent yet to seen a "weight-gainer" (calorie dense) mix from any manufacturer that has a good source of carbs. Majority will use dextrose and maltodextrine to fill a good portion of the cals to make it so easily chug down. both cytogain and nlarge fits under these calories. only thing going for the two is that both can be had for fairly cheap (nlarge 10lb for low 30s) but whatchu really want? a gainer made from the goods you put together (protein powder, oatmeal or rolled oats, flax and/or peanut butter, milk...) or a premixed one that does have the calories, but most coming from stuff you dont want anyways? go hit the links under yj's post and you be good. As for taste...nlarge is pretty good (hmmm, with all the malto in there, not too suprised) however a homemade gainer can taste as good or better,....just get a protein powder you like. Sage

  5. hey thanks guys. i have the option to buy some cyto gain on sale for 24.99 but i didnt know if it was worth it?

  6. How many servings?

  7. it's a 2.5 or 3lbs jug

  8. Make your own.

  9. option (1) making your own
    option (2) the nlarge for 32 bucks or so for 10lbs

    cytogain for 25 @ only 2-3lbs? not an option anyways, i think you referring to cytogain's 6lb tub cuz that should be around 25, while there smaller 2.5lb goes for 16-18 on several sites. Sage

  10. yeah i think your righta about tub size now that i think about it. I think ill just make my own.
    thank bros


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