1. Hoodia

    I was just wandering if anyone on this board had any experience with Hoodia.
    It seems as though it would be a most excellent dieting aid.

  2. There are some logs at avant on the feedback section.

  3. yes i noticed that but i figured i would try to get a broader spectrum of feedback.
    It first got my attention in a VPX ad. While i don't care for that company the write up or info presented peaked my interest.

  4. I'm waiting to get some to test out at a later date, too soon for me to diet down..
  5. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by theamazing3000
    I was just wandering if anyone on this board had any experience with Hoodia.
    It seems as though it would be a most excellent dieting aid.
    I researched it a little bit, and came to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that the supp company hoodia gordonii extracts/pills/etc where bogus (either the active components where not present, where in too low a quantity, had degraded from overheating, whatever), I plan to try it out soon but will be buying from http://www.bouncingbearbotanicals.com/ because I know that the extract will be the real deal. 10 grams of 20x extract for 30.00, I figure 2 grams every other day oughta kill my appetite 75% ... we'll see

  6. bigpete and meerschaum please keep everyone updated as i am very interested in this.

  7. Bump for results

  8. I tried the bulk powder from CNW. I didn't have much luck with it. I can't say that it reduced my appettite any at all. But, others who used the same powder did find that it worked OK for them. It seems that several people reported that it worked well, but the dosage had to be continually upped to continue getting decent effects. So it got to a point where it wasn't cost effective. It seems I've read more success stories with women using hoodia, guys have been hit & miss. It did nothing for me. But, my appettite is a monster. Ectotropin-6, which many report total appettite squelching while using, just mildly reduces my appetite. But, ET is the only thing to date that affects it at all, so...
    I may try LipidFX next.

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  9. I had great results from Bulknutrition's Hoodia powder. CNW's did nothing for me. I just ordered the stuff from that Herb place, BouncingBear. I would keep up with the BN stuff but they are out of stock and haven't answered emails about whether or not they will be restocking.

  10. my wife loves it. it seems to lose its effects after 2-3 wks.

  11. I have used VENOM which contains hoodia. It absolutely quelled my appetite. I could not even think of food. That was the first day. After that my appetite progressively came back to near normal in about 10 days. I still think it is useful and it definately is not a placebo.


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