Mutant plexx

  1. Mutant plexx

    I am a college football player at 6'4 and 225. Outside linebacker and run about 4.61 forty on grass. I am trying to get my weight up to at least 240 but keep my speed. I am 22 years old and hve been lifting since middle school. Have had trainers and know how to lift, eat properly, and all that great stuff. I have a great diet but and all I take is protein. But I want to try a pro hormone so my friend advised me that I take something called mutant plexx. I have read all the reviews and did my research. He also said I should take a PCT and something for my liver????

    Highly considering this pro hormone but wanted to get some advice from the professionals. Please help with how to take the stuff, what should I beware of, what to expect and should I stack any other supplements or anything?!

  2. Not worth it while in school man, how many yrs you got left?
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  3. No, you should not take 'mutant plexx' as a first cycle.

    No, you should not cycle at all because it is against NCAA rules and is cheating.

    No, we will not spoon feed you a cycle on here. Do a little research on a proper cycle first.

    If you do choose to cheat because you feel inadequate at least come back here with some kind of plan to a cycle and the members here will critique you from there.

  4. Last year

  5. Yea hold off as theres very little chance someone wont tell on you on campus and have you DQed for your senior year.
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  6. Agree with what has been said. Also, doing your FIRST cycle with mutant plexx is a hella bad idea. Definately wanna start with a single compound not a cluster f**k of hard-on-your-liver-methylated designer steroids.

    Think a 6 week cycle of halodrol, epistane, mechabol/pmag (all of which are methyl and still harsh on the liver) or you could go even milder with something like 1-andro or stano for an 8 week cycle.

    Also if you DO choose to cheat, a quad stack like mutant plexx would make you blow up and there would be absolutely ZERO hiding the fact that you are in fact on the sauce. NOT a wise choice if you are trying to be sneaky. Also you can bet that one you are done the cycle, the recovery will be......unpleasant.

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  8. Definitely do not run a PH with multiple actives for your first run, especially since you have no idea how to run it. Disturbing hormones is a no-go unless you are ready to accept the consequences of not bouncing back to your pre-cycle self.

    Head into the anabolics section and looks up XAMs thread (its like 30-ish pages) in which he ran a mega cycle and now has multiple issues despite running the cycle with cycle support gear and a proper PCT.

    Personally I would run something mild (like a 1 and 4-DHEA) and use that cycle to prepare for harsher, methlylated compounds.
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